All Levels – One day class

Doesn’t everyone love to add that special bit of something to your finished project, but were unsure of exactly what? In this class you will get to experiment with Angelina fibers, Angelina films, foils, hot fix rhinestones, wash away, texture magic and other products that are on the market today.

This class is ideal to experiment with all that cool stuff before you decide to buy it.

Glitz and Glamor by Sharon Bradley

Project requirements  

I will supply the following class kit

-          Assorted Fabrics                                 - Textile Magic

-          Angelina Fibres                                   - Lumiere Paint

-          Angelina Film                                     - Wash away

-          Foil and foil glue                                 - ???

-          Hot fix rhinestones

Students need to bring:                                                   Classroom requirements:

-          Sewing machine including manual                             1.         Large work surface    

-          Normal sewing accessories                                       2.         Iron and Ironing Board

-          A variety of Thread                                                  3.         Sewing Machine (Tutor)

-          Scissors for fabric and paper                                    4.         Hot running water

-          Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)                    5.         Heat Gun