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Trapunto is a wonderful way to add depth, texture, color and dimension to your quilt.  This workshop extends your knowledge of Trunpunto by adding multi colors.  In addition, this technique can be adapted from hand stitching to your normal domestic sewing machine onto a long arm quilting machine.Don’t be misled, it’s not difficult, you will be given a pattern and full instructions to follow and you will surprise yourself and be amazed by your achievements!  This is a class that you will talk about with your friends and adapt into your next quilt journey.

Rainbow Trunpunto by Sharon Bradely

I will supply the following class kit

Dissolvable thread.

Fabric front, back, and colored fabrics


Instructions and product information


Students need to bring:                                                         Classroom requirements:

-          Sewing machine including manual                            1.         Large work surface    

-          Normal sewing accessories                                      2.         Iron and Ironing Board

-          White Thread                                                          3.         Sewing Machine (Tutor)

-          Scissors for fabric and embroidery type                    

-          Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)