Rust Dying

By Sharon Bradley


All Levels


Rusting fabric is easy to do inside as it can be done in a small area, you don't need special equipment to achieve amazing results.  Unlike most dyeing project go, it's a very safe process. There are no powders or chemical dyes to mix; the main ingredients are simple products that you find in your own cupboard and old metal objects that will rust.




I will supply the following class kit                           



Instructions and product information


Students need to bring:                                                         Classroom requirements:

-          Sewing machine including manual                            1.         Large work surface    

-          Normal sewing accessories                                      2.         Iron and Ironing Board

-          Thread                                                                   3.         Sewing Machine (Tutor)

-          Scissors for fabric and embroidery type                    

-          Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)                    

-          Plastic bag with water proof top so no leaks occur

-          Metal objects to rust (small flat object are preferred)