Thread Tech

By Sharon Bradley


All Levels  One day class


This class is designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the thread, tension needle size and how the tread sits on my quilt.  The most commonly asked questions I get are:   what causes thread breakage and why?  What tension is recommended for what thread?   Is one brand of thread better than another?  Do the bobbin and top thread have to be the same? What do the numbers on the thread size mean?  What do the number on the needle size mean?   This is a technical class that is designed to help you choose the best thread for the project you are working on.  It is also a good class if you are new to quilting and want a better understanding on how to marry the thread into the fabric.

Class kit                                 

20 x different threads


2 x Packets of sewing machine needles Schmitz

Information manual



Students need to bring:                                                     

-          Sewing machine including manual                             

-          Normal sewing accessories                                                                                         

-          Scissors for fabric and paper                                     

-          Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)