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Quilters around the world have been applying the applique to quilts since before the turn of the 15century. If you go back through the American Quilt museums’ you will be amazed by the techniques used back then without all the modern equipment that we have today.

This class will teach you a different take on applique hearts using new techniques and old. We are starting with hearts as this will teach you to curve of the top of the heart and inside and outside points. This project is perfect if you wish to learn all aspects of applique.  The kit supplied will make a quilt 34” x 44”



Project requirements (Two -Days Class)

I will supply the following class kit.        Students need to bring.                            Classroom requirements

- Puffy paper                                         -Normal sewing accessories                                          -Iron and Ironing Board
-Monopoly thread                                  -Thread                                                                       -Sewing Machine (Tutor)
- Wipes                                                 -Scissors for fabric and paper
-Applique stick                                       -Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)
- Written Instruction
-Fabric Glue Stick
-Steam a Seam