All Levels One day class


Come and jump into the wildly creative world of using dissolvable fabric and paper.  Let me show you how to make needle lace, thread applique, thread fabric, trees, leaves and more. It’s amazing what you can do with bits of threads, yarn, ribbons, chiffons and more. You really have to see and DO this to believe what wonderful works you can create to add to your “quilting stash of idea”

Class kit to make small wall hanging 15” x 15”                      

Dissolvable in several varieties to experiment with



Instructions and product information



Students need to bring:                                                     

-          Sewing machine including manual                             

-          Normal sewing accessories                                         

-          A variety of Thread                                                    

-          Scissors for fabric and paper                                     

-          Pins and hand sewing needles (Size 10)